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Hopkins Crane Service is a full-service fully-insured crane company.  Our fleet is certified and maintained by licensed mechanics and technicians ensuring we are ready to go at a moments notice for year-round work. All work and locations are welcomed. Our hoisting engineers will size the equipment for the demands of the project ensuring the safety, efficiency and quality of the job at hand.  Please feel free to call to enquire or arrange a site visit.  

We serve commercial and residential of all types including major infrastructure projects, new construction, renovations, landscaping, dock launch / removal, marine and tree service to name a few.  We travel to jobs by road and water access projects by barge and across many different terrains to provide our services.

To attest to our service, we have many multi-year contracts with significant government and local business partners of which we are very proud of.

Please give us a call to enquire. 

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Lifting trusses for new construction
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